Launch of New Startup Track within the MassChallenge IL Core Accelerator to Identify Alternative Protein Entrepreneurship

The Modern Agriculture Foundation (MAF) and MassChallenge Israel (MCIL) are excited to announce the Better Plate Track, a unique alternative protein focused track within the MassChallenge Israel Core Accelerator 2022 Program.

The need for sustainable, diverse and nutritional food sources to support the growing global population nutritional needs is dire. According to MAF, an alternative proteins and sustainable foods track within the world-renowned MassChallenge Accelerator will support the region's efforts in creating just food systems, and in meeting several of the United Nations SDGs by 2030. Developing the alternative proteins sector will minimize the amount of land, water and natural resources used for food production, and will significantly reduce GHG and pollutant emissions.

The Better Plate track will serve as a platform for creating partnerships and networking with investors, mentors, organizations and influential parties in the local and global alternative proteins and sustainable foods ecosystems. Through a unique competition-based and highly competitive accelerator model, selected startups and entrepreneurs who promote innovative, healthy, sustainable alternative food with significant business potential, will participate in a personally-tailored, zero-equity accelerator program.

"Israel is a powerhouse of innovation, and is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to alternative protein technology. We believe our role as ecosystem leaders lies in directly promoting and incentivizing local entrepreneurship in the alt. protein space. Considering MAF's strengths, capabilities, and recent accomplishments – we have decided to lay the foundations to create the largest alternative protein accelerator program in the Middle East, to meteorically scale up the local and regional industry", said Levana Shifman, MAF's Executive Director.

"Joining forces with MC, a nonprofit accelerating tech startups internationally, with countless success stories and a rich track record, will ensure the perfect match of experience and impact-driven success", added Shifman.

Startup recruitment will begin later this year.

MAF is currently seeking companies, organizations and authorities to join as accelerator partners and sponsors.

For further detail, contact MAF's Operations Manager, Neta Rosenthal:


About Modern Agriculture Foundation
Modern Agriculture Foundation (MAF) is an Israeli nonprofit with a mission to accelerate the alternative protein ecosystem, foster high-impact innovation, spark entrepreneurship, and nurture a collaborative community - in Israel and beyond.

About MassChallenge Israel
MassChallenge Israel is the Israeli local branch or MassChallenge, a global network for innovators. MassChallenge Israel brings the cutting edge technologies of the Startup Nation to a global community of multinational businesses, innovators, philanthropists, and public sector stakeholders. Since its launch in 2015, it has accelerated more than 250 companies through Israel's largest, most diverse, and most international accelerator.


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