What We Do 

Advance scientific research in academia

In January, 2015, The Modern Agriculture Foundation (MAF), with the help of Prof. Amit Gefen from Tel Aviv University, launched a spearhead clean chicken meat project- a feasibility study that helped determine the cost, time table and resources to create commercial clean chicken meat and will become a cornerstone for future researchers and entrepreneurs. Today active academic research of clean meat takes place in labs of Prof. Yaakov Nahmias from the Hebrew University and Prof. Shulamit Levenberg from the Technion. Finally, MAF supplies accompanies students during their studies, guides them and provides the answers and information needed to eventually join clean meat research.

Collaborate with commercial companies in developing clean meat technologies and products

The progress that MAF made in clean chicken research led to the creation of a new company, SuperMeat, which now continues this research. MAF was also instrumental in the initial fundraising for Supermeat. In addition, we are in contact with several other commercial companies, with the aim to expand industrial research in the field of clean meat.

Inform the public about the importance of clean meat

MAF conducts annual lectures and educational booths at Israel’s top universities and environmental and animal advocacy events. Furthermore, we supply our audience, both on our website and social media, with up to date news regarding new animal product alternatives and the reasons for preferring them.

Coalesce and work together with the clean meat community

MAF is hosting Israel’s first clean meat conference on May 7th at the Technion in Haifa. The conference seeks to bring together academic, governmental, industrial and nonprofit entities from around the world in order to catapult clean meat research forward.

Additionally, we use our online presence to promote and work with other companies and nonprofits such as Modern Meadow, Perfect Day, Clara Foods, Mosa Meat, New Wave Foods, Memphis Meats. SuperMeat, New Harvest, and The Good Food Institute.

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