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Academic Course

MAF is offering an "Introduction to Alternative Proteins" course for biotechnology undergraduate and graduate students at Ben-Gurion University, led by the renowned expert, Dr. Shaked Regev. 
Who is it for?

The class will cater to students at Ben-Gurion University, pursuing careers in research and development, business, legal aspects of biotechnology, and entrepreneurship within the field. 

What will you learn?


Students will receive a comprehensive understanding of the alternative protein market and the innovative solutions being developed to address the critical challenge of feeding the growing human population while addressing climate change and animal welfare.


Students will learn about the science and technology used to develop plant-based, fermentation-based, and cell-based alternative proteins, as well as the political challenges and behavioral adaptation needed to decrease animal product consumption.


Guest lectures from entrepreneurs and researchers in the alternative protein industry will provide students with a unique opportunity to hear about the latest developments and trends firsthand.

Dr. Shaked Regev

Dr. Regev is an analytical and mathematical research specialist, with a focus on sustainability applications. He holds a BSc from Ben Gurion University and a PhD from Stanford University.

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Register to the course

To register to the course, please contact the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Ben-Gurion University.


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