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Who We Are

Our Mission

Our Mission

To accelerate the growth of the alternative protein ecosystem, foster high-impact innovation, spark entrepreneurship, and nurture a collaborative community in Israel and beyond.

Our work aligns with the United Nations' sustainable development goals, and we are proud members of 50by40, Life & Environment, and AIM for Climate.

The Challenge

The need for sustainable, diverse and healthful food sources to feed the world's growing population is dire. To avert an impending crisis, it is imperative to develop food alternatives that are safer, more sustainable, and cruelty-free.

Our Solution

By developing the alternative proteins sector, we can minimize the amount of land, water and natural resources used for food production, and significantly reduce the GHG and pollutant emissions of the food industry.

Our Values

A Better World

Shifting to alternative proteins is the most effective way to mitigate climate change and reduce cruelty to animals. We are doing good, and doing it well.


We act with honesty and openness. We believe in knowledge sharing and integrity as an integral part of our work and community ethics.

Collaborative Community
Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In order to shift our food systems, we need to innovate, think big, take risks and shoot for the stars. We encourage creative ideas and nurture dreamers.

Act Local, Think Global

Israel is a piece in the global puzzle. We amplify Israeli ingenuity to create a better world by working locally, collaborating globally, and sharing our insights internationally.

Together we are stronger. The revolutionary movement we are creating is based on partnerships, inclusion, teamwork and diversity.

Our Team


Managing Director

Levana Shifman


Impact Researcher

Ido Listenberg


Carole Bibas-Barkan

Chief Operating Officer


PR & Communications Specialist

Tamar Sternthal

Board Members

Chairperson of the Board & IT Manager

Noa Deutsch

Board Member & Director of International Engagement

Dr. Shaked Regev

Advisory Board

Founder and CEO at BEElieve

Dr. Dikla Montekio


Expert in international environmental law

Lydia Slobodian


CEO at SaliCrop - A cutting-edge Israeli innovative seed enhancement startup

Carmit Oron


General Manager, Bio-Technology General Ltd. BTG, a Ferring Group Company

Tal Levy


Entrepreneur, Chief Scientist at RCK, lecturer

Dr. Noam Chehanovsky


Accelerator Expert

Maayan Gossat Schwartz


Business strategy and environment expert

Gal Shofrony


Lecturer and researcher at Tel Hai College

Dr. Ofir Benjamin


VP of Value Creation at MIGAL

Ori Ben-Herzel



Dayana Belevitch


Global Business Development
VC Tech Scout
Start-ups Advisor

Shiri Fisher


AI & Machine Learning Consultant

Noa Weiss

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