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Israeli Women in Foodtech Awards

In 2023, MAF has embarked on a journey to recognize and celebrate the revolutionary women in the Foodtech industry by creating a network of inspiring, trailblazing women, who hold influential positions. 

The Goal 

Support and promote the advancement of women leadership in the flourishing Israeli alternative proteins industry. 
Interested in joining our Women in Foodtech network?

The Leading Women in "Israeli Foodtech 2023 Awards" initiative focuses on recognizing women who work in various fields such as research, development, entrepreneurship, regulation, management, investments, mentoring, industry

and government.


We believe that these women, who have a vision for the future of Foodtech and are working towards making the world a better place, deserve to be recognized and celebrated.

The Award event brought together 26 top female leaders in the Foodtech industry, including CEO's, researchers, and VC's.

The event, which coincided with International Women's Day, featured a Ted-style talk on 'Building a female-friendly Foodtech ecosystem'.

Dr. Tali Feldman Sivan, Co-founder & Active Chairperson of "Meala FoodTech", delivered a presentation highlighting the high female representation in Israeli Foodtech companies, including two-and-a-half times the number of women CEO's compared to Israeli high-tech in general.

Anat Ziv, Head of Innovation at Tnuva, highlighted the critical contributions of female professionals in the industry, emphasizing the need to draw more women into the field.

“It was an impossible task to choose the 26 female food-tech superstars out of an initial crowded pool of 50 candidates.” 

Anat Ziv, Head of Innovation at Tnuva

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